Upstream Investigations

Have you been a victim of abuse, domestic violence or misidentified as an offender?

It’s a horrible and scary place to be.

Relationships are complex. Separation can be a dangerous and emotional time.

You are likely encountering conflict, confusion and a breakdown in communication.  

You may feel you are have been subjected to abuse or coercive control. 

So talking things out with an experienced, empathetic expert, can be the first step to feeling safe again.

Upstream Investigations combines trauma informed evidence gathering strategies with integrated wellness and relationship education before, during and after a relationship ends. 

If your (ex) partner monitors you, makes you feel scared, intimidated or controlled, this site is safe for you to find the resources you need and help you identify the real issues and concerns. 

And together we’ll help you make a plan to move forward.


A former police officer with nearly two decades of experience in domestic violence investigation, and a specialist in child protection and criminal prosecution, Upstream Investigations is a female-led team and Australia’s first dedicated Domestic Violence Private Investigations Agency.  

We offer an ongoing investigative approach, that helps you identify patterns of abusive behaviour and understand the protection order process.  We advocate for your safety and will help you navigate the system to find alternative pathways.  


With a deep understanding of the frustrations of victims, the limitations of police, when abuse becomes a criminal offence and the thresholds that need to be met for prosecution, Upstream Investigations has created a safe space with an objective set of eyes to identify the root cause of your conflict and patterns of abusive behaviour. Whether you intuitively know, or rely on evidence to identify the reality of your situation, our investigation can validate and support you during this emotional time. We can help you discern the intentions of your (ex) partner and collect the evidence needed to prove it.


By telling your side of the story without fear of judgement, interruption or repercussions,  your situation will be assessed with a focus on the outcome you are seeking, through a wellbeing lens.  We collect, prepare and present the evidence you need to stop the abuse and reduce intimate partner and family violence, before going to the police.  


We advocate for your safety and peace of mind in a complex ecosystem. We educate you to recognise abusive behaviour and the signs of escalating conflict whilst working with other complementary services to provide support in the recovery from trauma. We have a unique insight and understanding of the process and system, expectations and assumptions as well as the attitudes and opportunities.

 Our highest priority is to intervene and de-escalate conflict, protect you from violence, and seek justice.

Highly trained, experienced and skilled investigators gather the evidence, provide timely advice, and advocate on your behalf. We help you navigate a situation that can feel overwhelming and complex. We make it simple to understand the process.

We ask the questions others don’t.

We unravel the root cause of the conflict.

We identify your issues and concerns.

We clarify the intentions of the perpetrator.

We support and help you clarify your desired outcome. We guide you along the journey to resolution. We provide confidentiality and objectivity. Which means a more balanced and thorough investigation.  We ensure the evidence is captured and considered. 


Navigating the Australian Legal System can be complex and costly. Upstream Investigations work with you to simplify the process and reduce unnecessary expenses. By educating and informing you about how the Civil, Criminal and Family Law systems function, we provide strategies, tactics and alternative pathways that help you find a happy way forward.

We specialise in three core areas:

  • Prevention – Education, information & knowledge of your rights, responsibilities, choices and outcomes.

  • Investigation – Gathering evidence, embedded education, documenting circumstances, building statements.

  • Intervention – Navigating the court process, advocating on your behalf, representing your rights.



We’ve recently created and launched The Gift of Safety, find out how to manage your emotions, connect with services and find resources to support your journey. The Gift of Safety is a Wellbeing, Wellness and Change Behaviour Program for Women.  Helping them to feel more Confident and Comfortable.